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    This extension creates a new record type for Shops. The extension is ruleset neutral and based on CoreRPG. It should work with other rulesets based on CoreRPG.
    Unity compatible
    When you create a shop, you can add items to the shop inventory, and set the number of items availabe in the shop. If you set the count to -1, there will be an infinite number of items available for purchase. The DM can also set a price markup for the entire shop which scales the purchase price of each item.

    Players can browse the shops contents, and add items to the shopping cart. The total price of the items in the shopping cart is automatically calcualted and displayed. Players can click "Buy" to add all of the cart items to their inventory, and deduct the price from their currency. The extension does NOT make change, so the player needs to be sure they have enough money to make the purchase.

    This shops extension is now available on DMsGuild at

    Known issues: Due to how Fantasy Grounds implements player restrictions this extension requires that shops be local to the campaign. Shops may be created and exported to modules, but opening a shop from a module will not be editable. Instead, there is a button on shops opened from a module that will copy it to the campaign for editing and use.

    Before creating a shop, make sure you define the currencies in the options window. Many rulesets have them pre-defined, but not all.

    Before a player purchases an item, they need to ensure that all of the currencies are defined on their character sheet. Fantasy Grounds does NOT prefill those in. An easy way to make sure they are set is to click the buy button on an empty cart.

    For support, post here or come over to our Discord for more immediate help.

    v1.9 Added a new fcheckbox that allows the DM to mark individual items that will not be added to the inventory when purchased. This is useful for situations where the players are buying services, or meals at restaurants, etc. Where there is no need to clutter up inventory with items.
    v1.10 Added a fix for SFRPG users. When an items price field has no currency defined, which seems to be the default for most if not all items, the extension will now assume that they are Credits. If you do not want an item to be assumed to use Credits, you can add in the currency type.

    DM View

    Player View
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    Purchased. Thanks mattekure!

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    Thank you!
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    This looks great! Is it compatible with Unity?

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    I think it should be, but I have not done any testing on it yet.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Detroitus View Post
    This looks great! Is it compatible with Unity?
    I'm running Unity. I will test it this week and report if there are any issues.

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    I love to see projects like this that support more than one ruleset, thanks for doing it.
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    Finally! I've been longing for something like this for ages... purchased, tested and approved!
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    This! Has a lot of potential.

    I will be picking it up, eventually. But not many shops in Avernus. So not needed yet.
    Fantasy Grounds Unity Lives! Good job, Smiteworks!

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    thanks, just grabbed it....checking it out!

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