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    That's fine with me, looking forward to it.


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    Great stuff Ian - looking forward to playing
    My mind not only wanders sometimes it leaves completely .....

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    My group went through this and what a mammoth campaign it was.
    We played it for about six sessions per go with other games in between on a half yearly cycle over about four years so a lot of hours playing.
    It is a fab campaign and I wish you the best of luck with it.
    I would love to play but of course I can't now...

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    Hi Borusa32

    Sounds like a cracking experience - I like the idea of breaking it up with games in between and you'd always be welcome to join - your character won't know any different - lol
    My mind not only wanders sometimes it leaves completely .....

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    West Coast US, -7 GMT

    Would love to play - But I'm on the West Coast of the US (Pacific time, currently -7 GMT). Anyone interested in playing BtMoM (or any CoC at all) in a closer time zone?

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    That's a shame - anyway you would always be welcome to take an early lunch and join us :-)
    My mind not only wanders sometimes it leaves completely .....

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    Ah if only I could play with you guys... that would put me at about 1:30 p.m. -- unfortunately I don't have time then!

    I found a copy of BtMoM... perhaps I'll run the game myself.

    There doesn't seem to be a lot of West Coast Americans on the board ... or is it just my imagination?

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    No worries - good luck in getting your own campaign going - its pretty hard work getting the interest - or at least that's the challenge I'm having here

    My mind not only wanders sometimes it leaves completely .....

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    Hello, new to Fantasy Grounds but i am fairly experienced with CoC, if this campaign is still alive and still looking for players i'd be interested.
    I'm in sweden, that's gmt+1 so timing should be no obstacle for me (esp. if you run on sundays)

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    Eastern Time zone here, won't work with GMT but could with an early West Coast start...

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