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    Traits don't visualise properly

    This is with the PFRPG ruleset. If you drag a trait (which for FG is a special ability) to the feats part of the character sheet (in the Ability tab), it is not visualised properly: if you click on it you don't get to see any of the descriptive text.

    On the one hand, fair enough, traits are not feats. However they also are not Class Abilities, Proficiencies or Racial Traits, but if you drag the trait to any of these other parts of the character sheet it behaves properly. There is no part of the character sheet specifically reserved for traits (fair enough imho).

    I think the best thing would be to allow the player to decide how to organise the sheet and where to drag traits. So if they could display (once opened/clicked) properly even if they are put in the feats category that would be great.

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