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    Would it be possible to get some fun take on Stardates or another into the FG Calendar?

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    The easiest way is if a community developer gets it all set up within the existing calendaring system (if possible with the assumptions in the calendaring system). Then, it's fairly straightforward to let us include in the standard Calendars module.


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    I nerdsniped myself into building it, hah:


    The biggest disappointment with the current assumptions in the calendaring system is that apparently the 12-hour AM/PM clock seems pretty-hard coded (that's what everyone says?) and you can't replace it with more fun options like the decimal points in a Stardate, so I made the decimals (decidays) a "week", with a "month" of 10 days and a "year" of 100 days. That seemed a good compromise.

    I don't have a Forge account setup yet, but I suppose I will post it to Forge once that gets setup.

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