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    Thumbs up Shadowdark Resources

    Shadowdark Resources:
    Make more than ONE character!
    Torches only last an hour in real time!

    Key Features of Shadowdark RPG:
    1.) d20-Based Roll-High System: Encourages quick decision-making, with torches lasting only one hour of real time.
    2.) No Darkvision: Enhances the sense of danger, making light sources essential for survival.
    3.) Simple Encumbrance and Low Hit Points: Ensures fast and deadly combat, emphasizing tactical planning.
    4.) Unique Magic System: The roll-to-cast spells add risk and excitement to magic use.
    5.) Treasure-Based XP: Simplifies tracking and rewards exploration and discovery.

    Additional Resources:
    For those interested in exploring Shadowdark RPG further, here are some useful links:

    Interview with Kelsey Dionne:
    Fantasy Grounds Developer Interview:
    Fantasy Grounds Product Link:
    Shadowdark RPG Official Website:
    Shadowdark Tools and Resources:
    FutureWolf's Shadowdark Resources:
    Example of Fantasy Grounds Play, Playlist:
    3rd Party Article:

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    A collection of pre-generated zero-level Shadowdark PCs for running funnel adventures:

    Some black and white PC portraits for use with Shadowdark:

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    Thanks for collecting this info!
    I recently purchased Shadowdark PDF and Print. I will likely pick up the FGU conversion once I feel ready to run.

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    Simple Shadowdark Decal

    I'm not sure if anyone else wants/needs custom decals anymore, but here's something I'm pretty happy with.
    I'd have uploaded a smaller webp file, but I guess that's an invalid file type on the forums.

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