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    Quote Originally Posted by QuirkyBirky View Post
    I started off using the adventures in the Norek Shadow World book, but I've gone off in my own direction. I pinch the odd idea from it but my game is largely custom, especially given that I'm trying for a sandbox type game where the players are pretty much free to go where they want.

    In another campaign I've integrated the Green Gryphon Inn module to some extent, but much of that campaign is similarly custom with a sandbox feel.

    I try to adapt my game to the players and their characters, and I struggle to find commercial material that has the right feel for me.

    Maps are always a bit of a pain. Sometimes I make my own, sometimes I find something online. Sometimes I'll just go with theatre of the mind until I need a basic battle map.
    Yeah Norek is a nice module... a lot of shorter adventures that can be dropped in as needed.

    I did convert B2 Keep on the Borderlands to RMC about 5 years ago. Unfortunately life was getting in the way a little too often to get very far into it, but I added in a lot of sandbox stuff to the stock area, and doubled the size of the adventuring opportunities and area pretty easily.

    I've also done T1 Village of Hommlet in RMSS many many years ago. That was great fun, but again, life got in the way shortly after we finished the module, preventing further exploration of the larger campaign.
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    I've used the Village of Homlet before. It converts pretty well actually.

    By Keep on the Borderlands, do you mean that basic D&D module that came with the basic set? The caves of goblins living next to kobolds living next to gnolls living next to.. That one? How would that even work??

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    I have used the universal module extension mentioned above to help convert A1 and A2 from the Slavers series. Over the last 5 years the players have gone at A1 twice, A2 once and allied with the slavers once when a greater threat came to town. So lots of great play time and they loved the challenge; many new PC's (and players) have actually started their first RMC introduction as slaves in this dungeon. For the local area I use G earth with an upside down New Zealand as the Shadow World island of Plasidar. So far they have mostly stayed in a 9 miles radius of a rebuilding Highport (which I created from a generic destroyed port town map). To convert them you do have to recreate the NPCs with RMC stats; but both systems have hobgoblins and orcs are just Lugroki etc.

    I have also used most of the same MERP modules listed by Sulimo. There is a great, complicated layout in Trolls of the Misty mountain that I populated with a skeleton lord and an entire skeleton army (remnants of the mass extinction event in the Shadow World history for the island of Plasidar) that have kept the characters busy for years. They just made it within 100' of the skeleton lord who then sued for peace; they've agreed...we'll see if it lasts.

    Those MERP modules are fantastic for town maps, layout maps, quick NPC stats and backgrounds, "typical person" stats and skills. I build the maps in FG which does take awhile but since the RM is so deadly it usually takes many sessions to complete serious combat and many repeated runs (with much retaliation possible in between) so most maps get repeated use. Various PCs have settled into some of them as bases of operations as well. I also use "chunks" of various DnD modules that fit a scenario or just for a layout and the inhabitants.
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    A lot of that sounds super-cool! I own the slavers series so I might have to take a look at that!

    If you have any maps to share, stick them on the cloud and share the link. I bet lots of us are always looking for more resources to use!

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    I don't have any cloud accounts, but DM me and I'll be happy to drop a couple of items I've exported into one of yours. Though, since I'm a slow learner I've only just now started building them outside of my main campaign and then loading them as mods when I'm using them...which means that my exports are a mix of "original" and "recently terrorized by PC's" current state.

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    I don't believe making maps digitally from paper copies is any sort of copyright violation.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Grimbold11 View Post
    I don't believe making maps digitally from paper copies is any sort of copyright violation.
    If the original artwork is yours then you are all good.
    If its someone elses artwork then you are (under copyright law) permitted to make a digital copy for your own use/backup but not permitted to share that copy.

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