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    DM LFP WoW adaption to 5e. Need people with no WoW experience

    Cancelled for now. Going to change rule sets.
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    Damn, I know you would prefer people who haven't played wow, but I would have LOVED to play this. Sadly weekends aren't good for me. I Really hope you find what you need though. This sounds like it's going to be an amazing game.

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    If you change your mind about preferring players who haven't played wow let me know Please.

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    People can lie and say they have no experience but I'd like to think I would find out and I have zero qualms about booting them. The fun part for me is delivering the story and if I am talking to people that have heard it all before and are just browsing twitter while I am trying to sell the scene that is going to really annoy me. I'd honestly rather just join someone's campaign in forgotten realms or something and have a no stress experience.

    So yah, I'll not be changing my mind on this.
    Thank you for your messages.

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    Still have plenty of time to join us. We've not started yet. Need one or two more players that have not played World of Warcraft. I know this is going to be difficult to find people but it is what it is. Please DM or reply here. I'll toss you my discord invite.

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    Im interested if space is available. PM me here or send a friend invite on Discord (Logic0350). Thanks.

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    I never played WoW. I'd be interested in a ping if you ever get a date set again.

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