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    [Paid] [D&D 5E] Vecna: Eve of Ruin (Also running other games)

    Planning on starting this within the next couple of weeks, after the adventure releases on both D&D Beyond and Fantasy grounds. For now, the groups are running other adventures and one-shots to get the players to know each other and help the team fit together once the full campaign starts.

    FG License Type: Ultimate
    Game System: D&D 5th Edition
    Day of week and time: Wednesdays at 1PM EST OR Wednesdays at 8PM EST (Running two tables)
    Term: Paid, $30 per player, per session
    Voice software used: Discord

    Game Links:


    If you're interested in other D&D Campaigns, do check my SPG profile at . All my D&D games are ran using Fantasy Grounds.
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