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    Weapon skill recommendations

    Hey folks! I'm in the process of entering in everything I need for a new fantasy campaign and I noticed that unlike the skills, weapons don't seem to have a way to define the skill each uses (unless I've missed something). As each weapon seems like the player will need to manually set the skill level to use, can anyone whose played a good bit recommend a level of granularity for melee skills that works best playing through fg? Cheers!

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    The ruleset does not currently allow for the automatic setting of skill level for weapons added to the character sheet. This is a feature I will look at adding in future.
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    Thanks, that's really cool! But I was actually more looking for advice given that it isn't automatic and granularity of weapon skills is variable what works best with how to implimentation currently work, I think it is already a great tool so I'm more than happy to work around anything not automated

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    If you create characters using GCA or GCS and export/import them into FGU they will have the skill levels from the character designer software. From there you have to adjust manually.

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