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    Character Sheet Export

    Tried to search for an existing post on this but the server kept returning PHP errors. So I apologize if this has already been asked/answered.

    Is there a way to export Fallout character sheets? I like to give my players hard copies between sessions as a snapshot. I have the tool to do the export (and use it for Rolemaster/etc) but wasn't sure if someone did the work to extend it to Fallout as well.


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    There is a tool that @ddavison made to export character sheets, but only a few are supported. Fallout came later, and I don't think anyone built a sheet for that to convert to printed form.


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    OK yeah that's the one I've used for other systems. I guess I will have to see how hard it is to tweak to a fallout sheet. I mean the character sheets are super simple really, so I need to be able to extract the fields and plot them in there. My default case right now is to just edit the PDF by hand, which is fine but annoying.

    I kind of which players could grab their characters by default in FGU for any system. Right now, as a player in another campaign, I take a zillion screen shots each session to snapshot my gear/loot/xps/etc. It's pretty crude! Having the core FGU client be able to save a pdf of exactly what you see on screen would be so nice.

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