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    [LFP] [Pathfinder 1E] Looking for 4 players to play Curse of the Crimson Throne

    Hi, I am pretty new to Pathfinder and looking to get a group together to play. I have played some of RotR previously and that is most of my experience with Pathfinder 1E.

    I have played quite a bit of DND 5e and Call of Cthulhu but I love the complexity of Pathfinder and the player options it has.

    I don't currently have a date set in mind for when we would play and we can discuss that as a group. I am on UK time and have a weird working schedule so I don't mind when we play.

    If you are interested or would like more details, please let me know!

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    I usually play on Sundays but I was thinking Sunday or Monday depending on when people were free. For time I was thinking about 7pm - 10pm. (I usually run for about 3 hours.)

    But I am happy to run any other days that suit people better.

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    Sunday and Monday work great for me

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    Perfect, do you have Discord? If you do, please can you add me: TheMavRyan

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    I'd be interested in a monday evening game. I've been playing pathfinder 1e for years. my Discord username is eanelen

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    Also interested in either of those days...

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    I'm on PST I'd be willing to play a sunday BST, if its your evenings, thats quite doable. Mondays I can't unfortunately my job and freelance work would get in the way.

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    Did you get your 4 players? I'm GMT+2 and might be able to make a Monday game.
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    Im interested and able to make it.

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