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    2e Primer Module?

    I am Comming from FG 5e, so please forgive the questions. I am an Original player of 2E and I dont feel the need to buy the PHB on fantasy grounds, but I want to see how some things are working and syntax and such for building out weapons and such. In 5e there was a "basic" module that came with the ruleset that included all the basic weapons and armor and such, as well as some basic mobs, and spells. Not everything, but enough to get you started. Does the 2E ruleset have that?
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    Check out this free community module. Free Module Tomb of the Serpent Kings (
    It will probably have a few things that you can use to get started, but it's not going to have very many examples.
    Also check out the AD&D part of the wiki, it will have more info and examples of stuff. D&D (Classic - 2E/1E) Ruleset - Fantasy Grounds Customer Portal - Confluence (

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    You could get the free OSRIC modules on the Forge.
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