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    Why Isn't Basic Roleplaying Listed on the fantasygrounds.com Home Page?

    The BRP ruleset should really be listed on the home page under Multi-genre Game Systems. I realize this ruleset has an on maintenance status, but having recently bought it I've found it functional enough to run a BRP campaign. Is it that much more on maintenance than N.E.W. WOIN, which is listed under that heading on the home page?

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    i suggest you raise the subject on Basicroleplaying.org, too. Commitment by the game producer is another important factor in determining priorities for rulesets.

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    It was one of the older systems that has been around for a very long time and doesn't necessarily represent what the newer rulesets offer. Several of the key modules were also delisted by request of Chaosium since they were out of print and no longer available for sale.

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    I submitted a support ticket with Smitheworks on this issue, with the result that Basic Roleplaying is now listed on the front webpage under the Multi-genre Game Systems heading. So it looks like not including BRP on the front webpage, was simply a mistake.

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