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Thread: Retainer XP

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    Retainer XP

    As far as I can tell, there is no way to add npcs to the xp tab, or to decrease PC XP awards by the half shares due the retainers. I also donít see a field to track XP on a npc record.

    Is there an easy way to handle retainer xp in the OSE ruleset (other than doing it manually?)

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    You can use character sheets to track your retainers even if you as the GM control them as NPC records. I would even go as far as logging into your campaign using localhost and grabbing them as the owner so they show up with all the other portraits.

    Retainers take a full share but only get 50% of the XP. So you set the XP bonus to -50 % and it will half the XP assigned.

    So the way this is setup: Lets say you have 4 PCs and 1 retainer and you assign 1000 XP. Each SHARE is 200 XP. When applied the retainer would auto calculate to 100 XP if you set it up like above.

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    Here is an image. Paunchy is the hireling.
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    Doesn't that send a half share of xp to the abyss? Paunchy is taking a full share but only keeping half of it, right? Just like someone with a good prime req takes a full share but receives 110%... or does that xp bonus change the share of xp taken when the DM grants it, so the total xp awarded and the total xp logged are always the same?

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    Yes takes full share but only keeps half.

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    I've re-read the rule and I see you're right. I've been giving half shares of xp to retainers for... a long time. Wow.

    How about fractional shares of coins, though? Is it possible to set the % share received, or does everyone always get a full share if you automatically distribute?

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