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    Playing with FGU 4.5 layers in 2d and 3d

    2 videos, same action on the Alien ruleset 2D then 3D.
    Entering a 2 floors compound. no enemy. only one map, no "portal" extension.
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    Very cool videos, and I dig the idea of stacking maps. Can you elaborate on how you managed to stack and reveal different LOS? I might have missed that feature.

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    I use multiple layers. In this case one walls/lights layer for the 1st floor and another walls/lights layer for the 2nd floor.
    Show, don't Tell, they say:
    You will see in this video what I have done, layer by layer.
    This method is interesting for a little map. For large maps it is better to use the "portal" extension you'll find in the Forge.
    Note that there is some lights leaking outside walls. I have to move them everytime I reopen the map.
    I don't know why. I must do more tests to see if it is a bug and if it is interesting to report it.

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