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    Does this Fallout module automatically handle Damage/ Wounds?

    The short question is if you're targeting a creature and your roll your damage for a successful hit, is this system supposed to automatically remove hp from the creature? Am I supposed to click/drag something after the damage has been calculated?

    I'm new to FG and still trying to understand the Fallout 2d20 system so I apologize if I'm being thick here.

    In testing a battle I had a raider attack my character with a pipe gun. The raider's combat dice roll was three damage (two die were effect symbols). So the system told me Damage [3] -> [to John Smith] [LOCATION: Left Arm / Arm 1] [STATUS: Wounded]
    On my character's sheet it puts 3 in the HP WND box. Why didn't it take down my HP 3? Or should it have put it in the left arm WND column? Maybe I'm not understanding how HP and wounds work in this system. ??


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    HP is you maximum hit points. WND is the wounds you have sustained. The HP does not decrement.
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    No worries. It may be good to run through some sample combats for a bit to get the hang of the flow of combat fully without your players on.

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