Please remember not to update right before a game starts.

In order for some of the updates to be visible, you may need to open the Module Activation window from Library->Activation, right click on the module and select "revert changes". Be warned, any edits you've made will be lost.

Note: Hotfixes are to fix an immediate problem that prevents using a product. They are not fully tested and may introduce other issues. If you have issues with a hotfix please contact support.

Note: Fantasy Grounds Classic is no longer receiving regular updates. These updates are for Fantasy Grounds Unity unless specifically noted.

The following products have been updated:

Pathfinder 2 RPG - Agents of Edgewatch AP 6: Ruins of the Radiant Siege (Pathfinder 2.0)
  • [Fixed] One Encounter, some Story Links, a couple of Images, cleaned up some armor and weapon anomalies.

D&D Tomb of Annihilation (5E) (D&D fifth edition)
  • [Updated] Images to support forthcoming features

Pathfinder 2 RPG - Pathfinder Kingmaker Adventure Path (Pathfinder 2.0)
  • [Fixed] Stolen Lands Map not linking later Varnhold chapter
  • [Fixed] Varhnold story entry A17 not linking the blockhouse
  • [Fixed] Nagrundi missing Independent Brain ability
  • [Fixed] Jamal Visser's picture incorrectly labeled

Pathfinder 2 RPG - Kingmaker Companion Guide (Pathfinder 2.0)
  • [Fixed] Linzi's spellcasting type not set correctly

Into the Veils (5E Compatible)
  • [Fixed] Image error for Into the Hollow image. Deleted Image from record.
  • [Fixed] Missing note record. Deleted the note from record.

D&D Storm Lord's Wrath (D&D fifth edition)
  • [Updated] Minor fixes.

Interface Zero 3.0 Players Guide to 2095 (Savage Worlds)
  • [Added] Gun Metal Games have edited the PDF yet again. Extensive changes have been made. Including changing artwork. A new revised Players module has been created for this latest version. To avoid breaking existing campaigns and links to the GM guide. The original version is still available.
  • [Added] A new pregenerated character for every background. That is 28 ready to play archetypes!

D&D Classics: Player's Handbook (2E) (D&D Classics - AD&D 1E/2E)
  • [Fixed] Padded armor description

D&D Classics: PHBR6 The Complete Book of Dwarves (2E) (D&D Classics - AD&D 1E/2E)
  • [Updated] Export image structure

D&D Classics - PHBR9 The Complete Book of Gnomes & Halflings (2E) (D&D Classics - AD&D 1E/2E)
  • [Updated] Export image structure