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    Latest purchase doesnt sync to Paizo asset page

    My latest purchase, Strength of Thousands AP4 Secrets of the Temple-City, which I purchased on Steam (like all previous purchases), can see on my SmiteWorks purchases page and is visible from within FantasyGrounds as a module to load, doesn't sync to my Paizo asset page. When I've previously bought products, I've been able to download the pdf:s from Paizo. Did something change?

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    We have looked into the Sync Issue of 'Strength of Thousands AP4'

    It appears at this time that 'Strength of Thousands AP4 Secrets of the Temple-City' was set up correctly for the PDF Discount. I have resubmitted it to the Paizo System to correct it if there is a Sync Issue. Thank You for bringing it to our attention.

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    Please make sure to visit this page and then Send Purchases to Paizo.

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    Yes! Now it works! Many thanks for the quick assistance!

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