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    Features that have existed in FG since quite a few years ago get celebrated as groundbreaking innovations by other VTT's communities... ( Ok, that was just mean and uncalled for. I'll leave it there so you can see I'm not always a nice person )

    I really like the interface. The only gripes I have with it are a couple inconsistences here and there (one click here, double click there...) but I find it quite intuitive. It should be noted that I'm used to playing lots of videogames, so this kind of UI 'clicks' with me way better than the web-based ones. I also enjoy the slighly skeuomorphic UX.

    The product support is absolutely amazing. Caring so much about retrocompatibility shows a level of respect for the consumers that very few companies have. Worst case scenario, a product might get "abandoned" by their original developer and might not receive the latest "bells and whistles". But it WILL work.

    The feature that makes FG miles ahead of other products I tried is the organization and campaign management tools. For me, they are even better than those "very-famous, subscription-based, campaign managers" that sponsor some youtube channels.
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    For me fanstasy grounds if favorite because of two features: locally hosted campaigns that are easily customizable (you can edit all existing assets, create new ones in the blink of an eye) and you don't need to subscribe to service to use it. I bought all content once and don't need to worry that I may play one once a month for some period of time (a waste of money if you subscribe to service but can't use it that much often).

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