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    Feedback Thread - FGU v4.5.0 and 2024-03 Ruleset Updates

    This thread is to provide feedback on the latest changes located in the beta Test channel.

    Be sure to check out the new SRD module updates as well as new asset images you can use for players and monsters in 3D mode and 2D mode.

    Search Assets for
    FG Heroic (for characters)
    FG Fantasy (for monsters)
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    Bug: edit an image, view in camera mode, then revert the changes (while still in camera mode). FGU will soft crash (no console, just a black screen with only the dice showing)

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    Page link button missing in RefMan

    In the Live version using Builder, you can open a link to a refman page, then drag that into a new page to link pages to others or add them elsewhere. In the Test branch (going via Modules > Books > Campaign) the only option is the Drag Record Link button in the top left. This is a link to the entire refman and not the page in question, so isn't as useful.

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    Thanks. Forwarded image issue to @pindercarl; and I'll take a look at adding a book page link back.


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    In Savage Rifts, all the Frameworks windows are empty - just the name. They still work when dragged onto a character, adding Skills, Edges, Hindrances etc., Just all empty


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    Screenshot_20240214_230031.pngWhen navigating thru a Reference Manual pages using the arrows, this error pops up. Tried from Books in the Story window and also Reference Manual in the Modules window.

    New SWADE campaign with just Rifts Setting and Rifts Theme loaded.

    Doesn't navigate, although you can still use the left side "contents" to navigate as usual.

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    When I bring up the host - then bring up a client for testing on my local machine (which as we all know requires special consideration as the machine/user name is same as host - always been this way) - I log in a character PC and then share the map from the host - all the red faction NPCs show on map with their vision active. This is with no extensions.

    I have to test an extension which controls full ownership of NPCs so I noticed this right off in my testing. The only way to get the map (with my Assistant GM extension) to not show things the client did not own was to turn on and off the ownership of one of the NPCs with vision. Not sure how to fix it in normal raw FGU - but I did test it with normal FGU and the same thing occurs.

    Will make life difficult even if this is because I'm on my local machine and someone has done less than stellar checking on who can see (owned) on client.
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    Just pushed update for Rifts Frameworks. Please update and try again. Will look at Ref Manual error.

    Might need more info to understand. If you add a token to a map from the CT without any extensions (not load, which might be preserving some data from extensions), do the NPCs show on player client with visiont/edit active?


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    Quote Originally Posted by Moon Wizard View Post
    Might need more info to understand. If you add a token to a map from the CT without any extensions (not load, which might be preserving some data from extensions), do the NPCs show on player client with visiont/edit active?

    1) Bring up host where you have a CT that has green PCs and red faction NPCs all populated on map where NPC red is not within vision of PCs.
    2) Select PC so it has vision so you can make sure as the things out of sight will become transparent icons.
    3) Bring up client - log in a PC.
    4) Share map from host to client.

    You'll see something like this (until someone forces the vision onto a specific thing owned by player - I think).

    Well I tried to put an image here but refused because of some missing security token. I'll send to your discord.
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    I have no information on what happened to the treasureparcel windowclass - I had overrides going into that form and the anchors are all gone and I'm not sure what I'm looking at anymore. Lots of templates and no clear path to insert into the item list which used to have an itemframe and way to insert data between them. I'll have to spend time deconstructing it all and rewriting whole thing unless someone can explain what was done and how I insert my fields into the items list and form in general.

    I'd rather have a hint or clue before I have to trial and error my way into figuring out where/how to insert my fields in the item list. For sure it can't work as it used to.
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