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    Developer Notes - 2024-03 Ruleset Updates

    Planned Release Date: March 2024

    We are continuing to work on general ruleset updates. See the main ruleset beta thread for the summary of the updates.

    In order to support ruleset and extension developers, I have made a number of notes regarding changes that should be made to bring rulesets and extensions in-line with changes to ones we directly maintain.

    NOTE: I've only documented the specific rulesets affected for rulesets sold in the FG store or installed by default. Any updates for rulesets/extensions provided via FG Forge or other sources will need to look at the notes below for suggested updates.


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    Ruleset/Extension - Suggested Maintenance Updates

    NOTE: This ruleset update is part of a larger push to standardize UI frames/fields/menus for consistency for users, as well as making theming for ruleset creation and extensions much easier long term. Wiki article to come once I have more time.

    Changes (including ruleset-specific change notes) are now documented on the wiki, in order to improve historical access to change information.

    Rulesets/Products Updated: CoreRPG, 3.5E, 4E, 5E, 5E (Level Up), 13A, AFF2, BRP, BoL, CoC6, CoC7, Conan, Cypher, d20Modern, Dune, Fallout, FT, ICONS, ICRPG, M&M, MGT1, MGT2, RMC, SW, SFRPG, STA, WOD5E, WOIN,

    Rulesets/Products To Be Updated (Third Party): 5E (K&W), Alien, DCC/MCC, DCC (Lankhmar), SW (Rifts), Symbaroum, Transformers, Vaesen,
    Rulesets/Products To Be Updated (Third Party): 2E, CPR, PF2, SotDL,

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