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    Beta Release - 2024-03 Ruleset Updates

    Please post any feedback on the beta Test version in this thread:

    Planned Release Date: March 2024

    The latest ruleset updates are now in beta testing.

    As always, we're a small company so we rely on our community to help sound out each new release. Thanks in advance to all those who pitch in.

    Only the Test mode slot contains this version. Test Mode can be accessed by selecting the Settings button from the Fantasy Grounds launch screen, changing the mode setting in the Settings dialog, and then selecting Update button to update the files to the test version. I will update this thread as I release new iterations of the test version.

    Key Things
    1) Please make a copy of your campaign data for running in the Test data folder.
    2) If the GM is running on Test channel, then all of the players will also need to be running on Test channel.
    3) If you encounter an issues log them in the relevant testing thread - don't use the generic House of Healing, but use this thread.

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    NOTE: If you run into any errors, please disable all extensions to see if you get the same errors. If so, please report to the extension developer. It is expected that many extensions will be broken with this beta release.

    NOTE 2: If you run into any issues with rulesets provided through the FG update system, please post in the Laboratory forum.

    NOTE 3: If you run into any issues with rulesets provided by the community, please post in the relevant threads.

    DEV NOTE 1: If you are a developer and need assistance figuring out the changes, please let me know via post or PM.

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    Update Summary
    • Desktop combat list support added. (Must be enabled by each ruleset)
    • Quick Map feature added to asset/encounter windows for quick encounter map generation.
    • Full background image underlay panel added.
    • All standard record sheets updated with menu buttons. (except character sheets)
    • Image toolbar display updated.
    • Image toolbar ping, camera and first-person token mode buttons added.
    • Image scroller control replaced with buttons and shortcut keys (WASD to move, XC to zoom).
    • Pictures in PC and NPC records can be shared.
    • List of Story Books (i.e. reference manuals) are now available via a Books button in sidebar Story campaign list.
    • Campaign Story Book builder button moved to story book list window.
    • Story Book pages are now consider advanced Story records and located in sidebar Story campaign list.
    • Both simple and advanced story records can be used to build Story Books via drag and drop to book index section.
    • Added filter and collapse/expand buttons to Options window.
    • [5E/3.5E/d20M/PF/SF] Sound packs not triggering when spells define multiple cast actions. Fixed.

    Behavior Changes
    • Story navigation buttons only available for story entries encapsulated in Story Books.
    • Story records (i.e. reference manual pages) no longer deleted when Story Book index entry deleted.
    • Story Book index entry deleted when attached Story record deleted.
    • Story Book pages no longer automatically created when creating Story Book chapters/sections.

    NOTE: With ongoing changes to better support themes long term, there may be rulesets/themes that have out-of-character theming in certain locations. Please report in the relevant threads for those rulesets/themes with a note that you are running the Test version.
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    Updates Today

    • Books button moved to Library category of desktop sidebar.
    • Link re-added to story book page header to link to individual story pages.
    • Campaign Setup window did not show close button in new campaign. Fixed.
    • Unable to open Campaign Story Book on host. Fixed.
    • Story Books list did not update when modules loaded or unloaded. Fixed.
    • Script error when using next/prev buttons in Story Books. Fixed.
    • Delete buttons not appearing when editing Parcel coin and item lists. Fixed.
    • Tables created using Add Table By Size button had two extra empty rows. Fixed.

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    Updates Today
    • Read only module records could temporarily be deleted in campaign lists. Fixed.
    • Unable to export Story Books for read-only module exports. Fixed.

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    Updates Today
    • Added token view mode toggle to Image record window when tokens on image.
    • Added token view mode focus detail area at bottom of image window, when in token view mode.
    • Image toolbar ping/draw/erase buttons will be hidden on player client when drawing is disabled on an image.
    • Image toolbar lock button will always be visible on right side of toolbar for GM.
    • Updated image header icon for unidentified image name and added tooltip which is visible if non-empty or unlocked.
    • Added Image record movement control tooltips, with shortcut key notes.
    • Records shared by GM via the window top menu Share button will now be popped up on player screen immediately.
    • GM Only window record menu buttons removed from player view. (Identified, Revert, Speak As, ID All)
    • Window record menu revert button changed to two buttons, one to denote module source and another to revert when modified.
    • Standardized window record header font size.
    • Story Top button replaced with Story Book button, when story record part of a Story Book collection.
    • Updated Share Picture button tooltip for NPCs.
    • Removed lock/share button in PC picture window.
    • Added filter and collapse/expand buttons to Options window.
    • PC Ability/Item/Spell records were not able to correctly identify, lock or share records. Fixed.
    • Window fields on identified window records did not update correctly on player client. Fixed.

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    Updates Yesterday/Today
    • Minimum size of decal selection window increased.
    • [2E] Record windows migrated to new menu bars.
    • Image toolbar button toggle state incorrect when opening images without tokens on them. Fixed.
    • Unable to add NPCs to Encounters or Random Encounters. Fixed.
    • [4E/13A] Errors when opening NPC records. Fixed.

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    Updates Today
    • Full background image underlay panel added.
    • Desktop combat list support added. (Must be enabled by each ruleset)
    • [Alien/CPR/DCC/MCC/Symba/Transformers/Vaesen] Ruleset updates to latest UI changes.
    • [MCDMKW] Extension updated to latest UI changes.
    • [SW] Alternate story book implementation display/navigation supported.
    • [SW] Specialized item records not exporting correctly. Fixed.
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    Updates Today
    • [PFRPG2] Ruleset updates to latest UI changes.
    • Tooltips added to image window Size Up and Size Down buttons.
    • Tooltips added to Story Book list and Story Book window minimized icons.
    • Tooltip added to Tabletop Character List swap button (combat/party).
    • Increased size of health dot for tokens and actor display controls.
    • Radial menu delete on GM client for TableTop Character Combat List did not work. Fixed.
    • Script error when dragging unowned Tabletop Character Combat List entry on player client. Fixed.

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    Updates Today
    • Quick Map feature added to asset/encounter windows for quick encounter map generation.
    • Notes were incorrectly acting as story records for navigation. Fixed.
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