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    Custom Attack Table not working

    Hi Dadakin,
    again I'm not sure whether the issue is mine or general, but I cannot add a custom attack table in the weapon information anymore.
    I do remember I used to, but now I cannot figure out how to make it work.

    E.g., I have a Poison Lvl 5 entry where I have set the RR Table as the Attack table.

    I'm trying to do the same for another item, but the drag-and-drop is not working - the table I'm dragging is coming from the RM Tables window.
    I could copy that item and customized it, but I need to make one with the Krush critical table and have no orginal item to start with.

    Do you know what I'm doing wrong?

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    Hi Saramund,

    Try dropping the link for the RR Table on the label for Attack Table instead of the field. I just tested it and it is working for me.


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    Hi Dadakin,
    I did as you suggested and it worked the same way for me too

    thank you

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    So I have tried this but when I try to resolve the attack I get an error "Unable to find table. Please load the appropriate module."

    RR Attack.jpg

    I followed the same method for the Krush critical and I got the same result. Am I missing something?


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    This icon is indicating that it isn't seeing the table in the CT which is strange since it is there.

    Screenshot 2024-05-26 104726.png

    It is likely something I missed during the CT change. Try restarting FG and it should resolve the issue which is why I probably missed it.

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    Hey Dak,

    Did what you suggested and still having the same error...

    RR Attack_1.jpg

    Restarting did fix the table icon in the CT though.

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    I see the issue. I will work on getting it fixed.

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    Along the line of the original question about executing a 'Krush' critical by itself, I understand the manual method above but you could actually automate the Krush by making an attack table with every chart entry a 0AK (if you want an A Krush critical) or 0BK for a B Krush etc. Then, on the weapon select window the dropdown will have whatever name you called the chart. On the combat tracker the crit attack will be enumerated in the attack section then when you 'roll' the attack there will be no concussion damage but the Krush table will automatically load with the 'A' column highlighted. Depending on which option you have set the GM either manually activates the crit roll or the automation does it automatically. This way the GM doesn't have to remember to select the proper column then remember the click-drag of the result onto the NPC in the CT. It becomes just like any other attack.

    One thing I did find is that the ruleset will choke if you don't have a fumble table selected in the <Fumble> section. You can have a '0' in the Range field and remove any of the entries from the <Unmodified> section. This way the ruleset will let the attack resolve.

    Below is the .xml for the A Krush example. I have created these tables for all criticals in RM (and some SM crit tables as well). If there is interest from the community for this kind of time saver I'm happy to publish a module that will support all the published critical tables (ie. Arms/Claw Law and Spell Law). Then people could use that module as a blueprint to create similar automation for the critical tables that can't be published.

    Anyway, if there are any questions let me know. I'm happy to help make Rolemaster Classic even easier to use.

    <RMCAttackResults type="string">0AK;0AK;0AK;0AK;0AK;0AK;0AK;0AK;0AK; 0AK;0AK;0AK;0AK;0AK;0AK;0AK;0AK;0AK;0AK;0AK;</RMCAttackResults>
    <Roll type="string">01-02</Roll>
    <RMCAttackResults type="string">0AK;0AK;0AK;0AK;0AK;0AK;0AK;0AK;0AK; 0AK;0AK;0AK;0AK;0AK;0AK;0AK;0AK;0AK;0AK;0AK;</RMCAttackResults>
    <Roll type="string">03-10</Roll>
    <RMCAttackResults type="string">0AK;0AK;0AK;0AK;0AK;0AK;0AK;0AK;0AK; 0AK;0AK;0AK;0AK;0AK;0AK;0AK;0AK;0AK;0AK;0AK;</RMCAttackResults>
    <Roll type="string">141-145</Roll>
    <RMCAttackResults type="string">0AK;0AK;0AK;0AK;0AK;0AK;0AK;0AK;0AK; 0AK;0AK;0AK;0AK;0AK;0AK;0AK;0AK;0AK;0AK;0AK;</RMCAttackResults>
    <Roll type="string">146-150</Roll>
    <Class type="string">xxxxxxxxxx</Class>
    <Id type="string">01</Id>
    <Title type="string">20</Title>
    <Id type="string">02</Id>
    <Title type="string">19</Title>
    <Id type="string">03</Id>
    <Title type="string">18</Title>
    <Id type="string">04</Id>
    <Title type="string">17</Title>
    <Id type="string">05</Id>
    <Title type="string">16</Title>
    <Id type="string">06</Id>
    <Title type="string">15</Title>
    <Id type="string">07</Id>
    <Title type="string">14</Title>
    <Id type="string">08</Id>
    <Title type="string">13</Title>
    <Id type="string">09</Id>
    <Title type="string">12</Title>
    <Id type="string">10</Id>
    <Title type="string">11</Title>
    <Id type="string">11</Id>
    <Title type="string">10</Title>
    <Id type="string">12</Id>
    <Title type="string">9</Title>
    <Id type="string">13</Id>
    <Title type="string">8</Title>
    <Id type="string">14</Id>
    <Title type="string">7</Title>
    <Id type="string">15</Id>
    <Title type="string">6</Title>
    <Id type="string">16</Id>
    <Title type="string">5</Title>
    <Id type="string">17</Id>
    <Title type="string">4</Title>
    <Id type="string">18</Id>
    <Title type="string">3</Title>
    <Id type="string">19</Id>
    <Title type="string">2</Title>
    <Id type="string">20</Id>
    <Title type="string">1</Title>
    <Code type="string">K</Code>
    <Name type="string">Krush</Name>
    <ResultTable type="string">CT-02</ResultTable>
    <Degrees />
    <Range type="string">0</Range>
    <ResultTable type="string">CT-11</ResultTable>
    <ColumnTitle type="string">One-Handed Arms</ColumnTitle>
    <Id type="string">RM2-AKRUSH</Id>
    <MaxRoll type="number">150</MaxRoll>
    <MinRoll type="number">1</MinRoll>
    <Name type="string">A Krush Crit</Name>
    <Note type="string">Used for A Krush critical only attacks.</Note>
    <SortOrder type="string">Ascending</SortOrder>
    <Source type="string">xxxxxxxxxx</Source>
    <TableType type="string">Attack</TableType>
    <Unmodified />

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    I am trying to understand why you would need to go through all of that. When it comes up in my games, I just added an attack that uses the crit table as the attack with no OB. Then have the combatant target another combatant and roll the attack. Then you just resolve the attack and it opens the crit table. You just have to select the column and click Apply.

    You could do it the way you are talking about but where you save time not having to click the column. You lose it because you need to click the Apply button for the attack and then make a separate result roll and click the Apply button for the result grid. You can do it that way if you want but it seems like extra steps to me. The better way to handle it would be more complicated but allow specifying a result table column like you can with the fumble table column. Then it could select the column for you.

    If you do want to go down the path you are talking about I would recommend removing all but one row from the attack table. Just make it 1-150 (or whatever other range) and then it won't take up as much memory since the attack tables are the biggest resource hogs. If you get it working that way then you could always make them available as a module on the forge.

    Back to the original issue, I found the issue and have it fixed in my dev version. I will see about pushing it out for the Tuesday release. You will have to redrag the table for the attack to resolve the issue on your side though so it can update the fields appropriately.

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