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    Converting RMU Absolute Hit rule to RMC

    Absolute Hit! If a combatant’s total attack roll is over 175 then he gets a bonus to the critical roll of +1 for every 5 above 175, rounding up.
    I am trying to find a way to add this. Is there an "Effect" that adds to a critical role bonus like there is for O.B.? I have RMU attack tables working, but this rule is causing our game to slow down. I am wondering if I can make a string that does like 176-180 + 1 to critical roll, 181-186 +2 to critical roll.

    Or if that wasn't possible, as a brute force method, could one add additional categories to every attack table that hold an effect string? Then repeat the 175 dmg but add the effect. Can attack tables even hold effect strings like critical tables? For example (this doesn't work, but maybe something else will?):

    <RMCAttackResults type="string">60IE;60IE;58IE;58IE;57HE;57HE;54HE;54HE;52HE;52HE;52HE;52HE;52HE;52HE;51HE;51HE;49HE;49HE;48HE;48HE;</RMCAttackResults>
    		<NextRoll type="number">1</NextRoll>
    		<Roll type="string">176-181</Roll>

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    I don't think the AttackerEffects will work with a result roll but I haven't tested it. It sounds like you will need an extension to handle that modifier.

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    I tried a few things, and as you guessed, Attacker Effects does not work, nor does Effects. I can't find any examples in any ruleset lau or extension that I could adapt. I don't know the system well enough to define something from scratch. Is Ambush automated anywhere I am not seeing? That would add +/- to criticals.

    On a semi-related note. Is an RMU ruleset still in the cards for the future? I love to throw money at problems.

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    Ambush isn't automated. The GM needs to manually adjust it.

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    Ya. I have found a crit.Modifer function. Looking into the Table Resolver to determine where it finds the final attack roll total. MAYBE I can do some sort of a math.floor function where its like If nRoll > 175 then (nRoll - 175)/5 = Absolute hit bonus. Then either use the crit.Modifer if it even functions that way or just make a new field that reports what the adjustment total is, so the GM doesnt have to do the math each time and then can just enter it manually..

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    If you want to do it in an extension then you would just have to store the Absolute Hit bonus somewhere in the Table Resolver. It could be an invisible control. Then change the manager_action_resulttable.lua file to use that bonus instead of just using zero.

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    Got it! I was too dumb to figure out how to get it to work through manager_action_resulttable.lua BUT my good friend ChatGPT and I were able to mangle the crit resolver function from utility_tables.xml enough to include it

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    Good job getting it working. Hopefully you made it an extension instead of modifying the ruleset since you would have to update it each time the ruleset is updated.

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