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    Masks of Nyarlathotep Maps

    Is there any where with good battle maps for this campaign with los or just with grids thanks for any and all help

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    I don't tend to use a lot of battle maps, I did use these but unfortuantely you're going to have to LoS them yourself:


    Should say before you buy the above, there is also a bundle on there for all chapters.

    Might be worth pinging a request out on Reddit or Discord to see if anyone has create LoS for the image packs you using. They should then be able to export it from the image record for you.
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    I generally like the Lovemaps stuff, but be aware that the ones he does often have some significant differences from what is described in the book.
    Be prepared to adjust how you describe the scene to your players based on what map you're using...

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