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    Nation Armies (automation for kingdom Armies from Kingmaker AP for pf1,pf2 and 5e)

    Hello adventurers!

    Welcome to those interested in using the new kingmaker rules (2022) with fantasy grounds unity.

    It's been over a years since I started my first "side quest"; Nation Builder extension

    The "builder" app is fully flushed out now, allowing me to start working on the next part;
    Nation Armies!

    This next mini-expansion can be used together or as a stand alone product -
    if used "stand alone" many of the nation actions, etc. will be disabled.
    However, you can still create and manage armies, can still conduct battles, etc.

    For those with both extensions, this will add new nation army and war actions to the kingdom turns.
    And it will use your nation skills and abilities to determine success of the new actions attempted.

    In either case, this extension adds (2) new menu options;
    • Army Actions
    • War Actions

    Army Actions
    This will allow you to create new armies, manage the armies tactics and gear and level up the armies over time.
    It also adds another "phase" to the nation turns (aka kingdom phases) ... for "Army Actions";
    Each of your armies is allowed to attempt (1) army action each month, at the end of the nation turn phase.

    note: since these actions are based on nation skill bonuses, its depends on the synergy of both apps installed.
    otherwise, it assumes all skills have a default bonus of (0) ... which is checked upon loading.

    In addition to creating and managing armies, there is a second tab that is essentially the "store" for armies;
    It allows the GM to easily add new tactics or gear to the armies, by selecting an army and clicking to add gear/tactics.

    War Actions
    This automation focuses around battles between the nation armies. It's a barebones "combat tracker" of sorts.
    However, keep in mind that army battles are essentially "theater of mind" ... and do not require a battle map.

    So unlike the "true" combat tracker, it is not "map or token, aware" ... but it does manage the relevant meta data.
    You kick off a army combat "round" the usual way, by rolling for initiatives ... and then going in high-to-low order.

    Each army is allowed (3) basic actions and the bonuses for actions are all calculated based on the selected army.
    The tool helps you correlate the relevant bonuses and track the outcomes of actions such as wounds or routing.

    In addition to tracking the war actions of armies, there is a second tab with all of the "conditions" for armies;
    You can easily track / add conditions to the selected army, from the conditions tab ... which adds (1) instance.
    Multiple condition instances will stack, up to the hard limit of (4 or less) ... and the GM can click the counter to reduce it by (1).

    Current status:
    (as of 1-22-2024)
    currently at build v0.1.22 ... almost feature complete and ready for user testing.
    Will set it up on Forge and add a link here, as soon as its in a "customer ready" state.

    For now, my group and I are putting it through testing as we move into the 4th book of the AP.
    Screenshots and more, to come shortly!

    Feel free to drop any feature requests or other questions in the meanwhile.

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    screen shots (army actions)

    Here are screenshots to provide more context;

    ARMY Actions
    Screenshot 2024-01-22 174215.png

    Creating a new army

    Adding gear to an army
    Screenshot 2024-01-22 174335.png

    Adding tactics to an army
    Screenshot 2024-01-22 174440.png

    WAR Actions
    Screenshot 2024-01-22 174723.png

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    Nice! will definitely purchase to go with your original
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    progress update and demo video

    Hi folks -

    Just wanted to share a new video (with audio this time)
    ... Nation Armies (w/o Nation Builder)

    It walks thru the creation of kingdom armies, for a new campaign ... "without" the Nation Builder app.

    Here is an alternative, short URL;

    Next, will be on how to use the new WAR ACTIONS automation.

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    Quick update:

    The app should now be listed, they resolved the upload issues with the forge.

    It works stand alone or in combination with the Nation Builder --
    And I am working on more video examples of how to use the tools.

    NOTE -- On Sale 03/01 11am through 03/06 11pm
    I decided to list the extension at 50% off to encourage folks to pick it up and give it a try.

    The tools are fully functional, but targeting is a bit manual until I work out methods to streamline it.

    So, during army combat the GM needs to set the DC level of each task manually ...
    by updating the DC field based on the actions and targets chosen.

    I will add videos shortly to demonstrate how to WAR (Army combat)
    Last edited by sgtwhy; February 27th, 2024 at 05:17. Reason: added sale details

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    Looks like there is not a lot of interest in this toolset and it works for my needs as is.

    Since I likely wont have to do much further work on this, going to reduce the price to $5 to match the sale price.

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    Demo of WAR action tracker

    Another demo video is up!

    This recording demonstrates the "combat tracker" for the Nation Armies.
    It can be used "stand alone" or as part of the "Nation Builder" toolset.

    The rules are included in the free updated players guide from Paizo --
    and I'd recommend reading them over, for those curious.

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    update: 2024.04.02

    lots of minor tweaks and updates
    * rework of graphics (icons, frames, tabs)
    * prep work for theme compatibility
    * fixed a few logic errors
    * set default to DC 10 (for non-nation builder users)

    Army combat damage ...
    It will show up on the Army details if/when any damage is taken.
    (otherwise its hidden from view)

    Ranged Ammo
    Added a second box to track the remaining ranged shots left ... since during combat encounters, the armies are usually limited to [5] in total.

    Added (2) check boxes for both situations.
    Guard adds +2 AC vs attacks from other armies.
    Fortify adds +4 AC to those inside.

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