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    Well that worked. Thanks Trenloe (and all that offered help) d1 works.PNG

    In the picture, the d1 custom die works fine and gives a duration of

    (even CL) d1 + CHA. in the picture above that show 4d1+1 as the character is CL8 and CHA +1

    Works perfect and will be correct as the character levels.

    I added an slightly edited version of Trenloe's d1 ext he linked above to the Spellclass sort Ext he and MTB created for me and allowed me to add to the forge. I figure the code would be unlikely to interfere with other extensions and adds nothing that most people would see let alone use. and it means 1 less extension.
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    Huh, I would have sworn we’d done that before, but I looked last night and couldn’t find it.

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