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    I would like to second those questions

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    I would love to play thru the Time of Troubles. I owned it back in the day, but never got to play or GM it.

    But everything will be dependent on the time slot.

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    FYI: Read the DE Trilogy books; never played any associated modules.

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    I am interested if you need players and the time slot is a time I am free.

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    yes join friend requests if you wish.....i will be posting on the calendar after new years eve im still coding this its looking very good thanks
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    just let me know anyone interested what type of characters you have in mind a good description and background will be helpful in making your game experience fulfilling thanks
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    Where do i join the friend request?

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    I have a few different characters in mind that I could play. Really, I'm more than willing to play any class or race. Having done nothing except DM the past 12 years has given me more than ample time to develop an entire portfolio of characters.

    One example:
    (1) Male Half-Elf Cleric/Magic-User with a focus on Necromancy. Backstory is pretty simple really - This once pig farmer watched his wife get murdered by some bandits. Nearly killed himself, but recovered. Sought revenge against the bandits and did kill them. (that's how he evolved from a Level 0 character to Level 1). Revenge slated, but he still yearns for his lost wife. He learned through the grapevine that through Necromancy and the gods that the dead could be risen from the grave. So he is on a quest to find and recover all Necromantic artifacts, writings, and spells that he can with the eventual goal of resurrecting his dead wife.

    If you want more detail, that can be provided. I tried to leave as much up to the DM's discretion as possible to fit their campaign and world.

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    character I would like to play

    I would like to play a elf fighter/mage with a concentration in the invocation type spells. My character grew up in a forest surrounding a small hamlet. My parents forced me out of my wooded home and so I went to this hamlet. I grew up fighting others so I know how to survive. I met a wizard in the tavern one night and he asked me to assist him in finding a missed item. I was able to retrieve the item. He asked me what I want in return. I asked if he could teach me magic and he taught me 6 spells. I now feel that I can extend my horizons and find new experiences.

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    Just for clarification, based upon the group needs I am willing to play whatever role needs to be filled. Once a role is filled, I can either provide a backstory or work with you, Tagan, to design a backstory befitting the adventure / campaign.

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