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    Space Combat Range Images

    Are there any community range images that i can use to drop on maps for combat to determine ranges for space combat since it uses an abstract. There is a page in High Guard that shows close to distant, but it isn't something i can use to drop on a generic space map.

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    There are several images on the Forge that include the range bands.


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    Thanks but the price is extreme for what you are getting. i figured there might be a community released range band.

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    Check my post in Community-Expansions thred

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    I don't remember where I found this one, but it works great in Fantasy Grounds

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    The one I use isn't flashy at all, but for my group it works the best. Sadly, I just remember it was on Drivethru and was part of a community GM screen.
    ship combat.png

    Found it on drivethru.
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