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    Cursor mismatched to actual position

    I have on several occasions experienced the cursor for no apparent reason to be mismatched to its actual position. When this happens, there is no such similar problem going on in Windows, and the only way I have found to solve it, is to completely restart FGU. I therefore suspect that this is a Unity issue, not a Windows issue. Worth noting is that when this happens, it happens in the middle of a session, during which I oftentimes have been using other programmes simultaneously, e.g. my browser, word processor or the likes. Here are a couple of screenshots to demonstrate the issue:


    Notice that the pointer is not where the selected text is; it is positioned below. I tested (when talking to Zacchaeus) what would happen when I logged off my server (on which I was alone; it was my module building server), and the same issue persisted in the main menu. I have had this issue occur when running a game as well; the only way to solve it has been to just get used to the mismatch for the duration of the game.

    I have attached a log using Windows Step Registration.
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    That sounds like something that is Unity engine related, which is a black box to us. If you are able to get a set of reproduceable steps that cause the issue, then I can double-check our code to make sure there is nothing specific to our implementation, and then send to Unity if it's still an issue.


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    I've had that happen with other applications over the years. I've always attributed it to the graphics driver, but as you figured, restarting the application solves it for the time being. If it continues, you could try changing your graphics driver and see if the issue occurs less frequently.

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    If it is of any value to the investigation (or to start an investigation), I have a Powercolor Radeon RX 5600 XT (BIOS version and I am running the following:
    • Driver version:
    • AMD Windows driver version: 31.0.12029.10015
    • 2D driver version:

    I am on Windows 10 ProfessionalN (64 bit) version 22H2.

    I will do my best to try and make the glitch happen again. Could it perhaps be related to hibernation or sleep mode?

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    Possibly. I've heard of similar issues in other games after sleep/hibernation in the past; but there's nothing specific I've seen to look for.


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    I think I remember noticing this when I didn’t start the game in a maximized window before the game screen loads for your GMs game.

    If doing so after joining said game, that was when the offset would occur, if that helps further track things down or help prevent it from happening?

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    I wasn't able to get it to reproduce by maximizing while the loading screen was going on either GM or player client; but that may be a good clue to find eventually.


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    This definitely used to happen (occasionally) if you resized the main form while a campaign was loading (the spinning d20)... I haven't noticed it in recent versions...

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