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    Bulwark Automation Help

    On a fighters character sheet after adding full plate and under the Combat --> Character Effects I see the automation for Bulwark:
    Bulwark; SAVE: +3 reflex, basic; SAVE: {-DEX} reflex, basic
    In the Combat Tracker I see the effect:
     Bulwark; SAVE: 3 reflex,basic; SAVE: -1 reflex,basic
    The description for Bulwark says:
    On Reflex saves to avoid a damaging effect, such as a fireball, you add a +3 modifier instead of your Dexterity modifier.

    Based on the description, I don't understand what I am seeing in the Combat Tracker with the +3 AND the -1.

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    It would make perfect sense if the fighter happens to have a Dexterity modifier of +1, no? Normally, that would add to Reflex saves, so the -1 would be used to negate it.

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    As @Narly Dude says - the -1, set via the PC effect with {DEX}, negates the +1 Dex modifier already applied to the base Reflex save.
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