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    Sci Fi companion and Sprawl runners Bad Table titles breakes templates

    the titles of the tables are bad for a few reasons
    1. they contain punctuation that the system is parsing for instructions. " : "
    2. they contain the word " Table"
    3. they are long

    I'm trying to run a scifi Swade game but the bad implementation is making it impossible to use story templates or other system level commands and features. Any way to get this fixed? can you let me edit the table names ?

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    I've taken the colons out of the name fields for those modules. Can you please run a new Check for Updates, and try again? (Note: The table names have changed if you have set up previous table name references.)


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    Not fixed the "-" is used for system math. don't use ANY punctuation in titles most of it is reserved for system parsing

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    What commands are you using that are not working?


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    sprawl runners is better but the () is causing issues it's trying to search for a table in a table

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    I'm going to need specific steps to recreate the issue you are seeing. There should be mechanisms to be able to link tables irrespective of naming in most features. For example, linked tables can be done via dropping the link into a cell, or by encapsulating table name within brackets.

    If there are other places that aren't handling this, then I can escalate to the developer. The story templates code was supplied by a community developer named SoxMax; so I would be reaching out to him. But, I need examples of what is not working.


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    in story templates

    [World Maker 01 - Planetary Gravity] 
    [World Maker 03 - Atmosphere] 
    Expected result 
    rand result from planetary Gravity table
    actual result 
    rand result from World Maker 10 - Starport tables
    rand result from World Maker 10 - Starport tables

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    the reason I think its the Punc is it works with critical Hit from Default Fumble and Critical and all the tables i've tried from the standard SWADE module. it's only the two modules that are using punc in titles that have issues.

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    This does not have anything to do with the punctuation.

    The issue appears to be, as far as I can tell, is that the story templates are built to return a single result from a table roll (even if nested with multiple results) (i.e. only returns the end results of every roll, not all intermediate results);
    while the Science Fiction Companion tables where built specifically to output all 10 attributes to chat. (i.e. Table 1 links to Table 2 links to Table 3 ...)
    This is why all the template references end up returning the result from World Maker Table 10.

    The net result is that the Science Fiction Companion tables were only set up to export to the chat window; not for generating story templates.

    So, there are two ways you could use it,
    * Copy and paste the chat results to a new story entry.
    * Or if you would be doing a lot; you could copy and rename the tables, remove the chained links (right click); then use the new tables to generate the tags.

    I've attached a quick screenshot where I copied and renamed the tables for 1/3 per option 2 using a colon; and generated a templated entry.

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