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    Syrinscape, Core + Bestiary 1, no attack sounds, damage sounds are generic.


    I added a Barghest and I can see and hear context sounds like "Angry Barghest" and "Barghest Roar".
    However, when a Barghest bites or claws there is no sound. The damage sounds appear to be generic noises and they are the same for Barghests and Dire Wolves.

    Will those be getting fleshed out amore colorful sounds in the future?


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    There are no creature specific attack sounds; and the system doesn't currently have a way to support that even if the sounds were available. The damage sounds are based on the damage types. You can edit the sounds in the module to fit the set of sounds you would like it to use.


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    I guess the old syrinscape 5e extensions "Chat Triggers" mapped chat events to Syrinscape sounds.
    Do you know if anyone is working on a module of syrinscape chat triggers that parse "Pathfinder 2" chat syntax for notable events that could have companion sounds the way Mattekure did for 5E?

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