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    [Paid](D&D5e)(Wednesdays)(Beginner Friendly) Depths of the Netherworld - StartPlaying

    Game: D&D 5e
    Group type: Online (Fantasy Grounds and Discord)
    Schedule: Weekly ~3-hour sessions, Weekdays, ~6:00PM EST. (Time flexible)
    Players:up to 6 seats available, starting at 3rd level.
    Play Style: A focus on combat and exploration, especially inside the dungeon, with plenty of downtime back in town. Questing, roleplay, and story aren't being left out, though!
    Cost: $16 USD per player, per session. Session 0 free!

    Hello there.
    I'm Jimlad the NPC, here to present a campaign into the depths of a never-ending dungeon! Will you join me in telling this legendary tale? A tale of claiming a place in the world using the most dangerous dungeon on the planet. Will the tale involve finding the secrets of the dungeon, or overthrowing the corrupt guilds around it? Protecting The Town from outsiders, or helping a nation claim it for themselves? This tale is your story, so what will the historians write about you?

    For more details, or to join, head to the adventure listing! (Modified to GM listing, where you can ask me to re-make the listing.)
    Feel free to message me in this thread, through DMs, or through StartPlaying if you have any questions!

    (Listing removed, but if you're interested you can still message me.)
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    Still looking for players, with some tweaks to the listing. Session 0 is free, and I'm lowering the price to $16 per session, come join if you're interested!

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