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    You also need to make sure your players don't update either, since if there is a large change, and they update they won't be able to connect to you or will have errors.
    This is the hardest thing in my experience. I know there's a large update in the pipes and I try to tell my players not to update - but one does and then we all effectively have to. Still, as Silent has said, I've never once had a huge issue that stopped play because an ext stopped working.
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    That has been my experience as well. That's why I don't worry about it, but if you have a special game session where people are taking time off or something just to play it, it really can mess up the experience. I played a long time without extensions and while I do use them now, worst case I'll just turn them off if they seem broken.

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    I play PF1e and use a lot of extensions (30+) and 1 in particular is key to several others and the way our characters are built. so our players know not to update unless told via the discord chat. we got burned once and since then I tend to give it a week to make sure our 6-7 major extensions are unaffected. If you play with very few mods I would think you are fine. but I would honestly suggest that you make the habit of players updating at the end of the session on Tuesday instead of the beginning. that way you are no more than a week old and it gives a week for any bugs to get sorted.
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    This works best with communication, but assuming that players only play in one session. This has come up where as the GM requested not to update until after our session. Well, a couple of our players were in other games with different GMs and the same rule set, so that happens...
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