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    Foundry AP modules vs FG AP modules

    So, I haven't done extensive research on this and I could be wrong, but Paizo presents their Foundry adventure modules as state-of-the-art with improved maps and custom tokens for every single NPC and whatnot. I don't believe these extra assets get used in the FG, do they? Imho that makes no sense and artificially puts FG on the back foot, which is a bit of a shame, as Paizo could only stand to profit from FG also having this "premium treatment".

    Is there a way there could be an interchanging of assets to at least try to catch up to Foundry a bit in this regard? Personally I like the interface of FG much better and would love if more people would be open to trying FG, which at the moment doesn't seem the case (see here:

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    If we take this as an example: Other than it being $8 more than the FG conversion, what are the differences?

    "High-resolution character artwork and tokens for the unique monsters and NPCs in this AP." Not "custom tokens for every single NPC", but tokens and artwork for the unique NPCs and Monsters - taken from the artwork in the base product I would imagine. I don't know what they do for tokens and artwork for creatures from the bestiary (i.e. not unique AP creatures), but Paizo artwork for those usually costs another $60:

    "Completely remade, highly detailed, and immersive adventure maps with support for Foundry Virtual Tabletop's Overhead Tiles and Foreground Layer features, re-created by Sigil Entertainment Group using assets from Forgotten Adventures." Someone has gone to the additional work to remake maps within Foundry using Forgotten Adventures map assets - I don't know if these are better/worse than the original maps provided by Paizo, and may vary from adventure to adventure.

    "Journal Entries for the entire contents of the book with additional encounter notes and Foundry VTT tips." FG usually includes all of this, with the exception of any foundry tips or additional notes - which I'm not sure where these come from. As I have no experience of these, I'm not sure if they provide any additional value.

    "Scenes pre-configured with walls, lights, sound, tokens, and hazards already placed to provide GMs the most convenient experience running the adventure." FG does all of this, with the exception of sounds.

    "Soundscapes provided as ambient playlists and local sound sources to immerse your players, created by Michael Ghelfi Studios." FG doesn't currently have this for specific adventures - Syrinscape soundlink modules may be released in the future. I don't know how extensive these are within Foundry, I like Michael Ghelfi's work and already have a bunch of his soundscapes that I use myself. I don't know how many you get in a Foundry module.

    So - from this, I don't think that it's anything extra the Paizo are supplying. It appears to be the Foundry devs making use of map assets (Forgotten Adventures) and soundscapes (Michael Ghelfi Studios) that already exist as premium integrations within Foundry.
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    Does sound like non-Paizo bits.

    There do exist situations where certain non-Paizo content would be quite useful. For one example, the "Abomination Vaults" adventure path's "Deadtide" event involves a two-stage battle in the Otari Graveyard... but, for whatever reason, Paizo did not actually include any official map at all, let alone one to remake. The GM is merely informed that there's so-and-so undead of various types, at least 30' apart from each other (which is definitely short enough that the players certainly *could* engage more than one at a time...), followed by the appearance of a scalathrax at the party's location. So, I would not be shocked if the Foundry version (or 'a' Foundry version, if there's an 'enhanced' one or w/e) included some map for it.

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