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    Converting Hero Lab Characters to FGU

    So I saw a posting of a person asking about converting Hero Lab characters into FGU and it was from far back as 2020. Since that was 3 years ago, does converting a Hero Lab character exist for FGU? If so where do I go to find it?

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    No the converter only worked in FGC and even then it stopped working before FGC was retired.
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    Thank you for the information. It is sad that it was only for FGC and sadder it stopped working before FGC was retired. It be nice if they would bring it back. There are people like me who play Pathfinder 1e and it would make it easier for us to import characters and NPC's we have already created outside of FGU into FGU.

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    Quote Originally Posted by FubarFoxFire777 View Post
    There are people like me who play Pathfinder 1e and it would make it easier for us to import ... NPC's we have already created outside of FGU into FGU.
    This should still work for NPC statblocks (although I haven't looked at it in a long time): https://www.fantasygrounds.com/forum...ture-Parser-V2
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    @FubarFoxFire777 -- i still use the characterconverter.exe from my fg classic install -- appdata > roaming > fantasy grounds > utilities

    if you don't have this set up, i'm not sure if you can still download the app somewhere in the forum

    it works fine to convert .hlfg* files to .xml, then import the .xml directly into fgu. you have to do a few manual edits to the stat sheet, but 85% of what you'd need is there.

    * .hlfg, if you didn't know, is a format exported from hero lab

    hope this info help some ways. good luck
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    It is kinda interesting, the converter still works fine as long as you export to .xml and then import into FG. Granted, you have to tweek the output from Hero Lab a little bit, add in the updated spell and feat modules to the programs library, but it still converts.

    Granted, you can do the same thing without Hero Lab with all the drag and drop mods out there right now in probably less time, but if you like to tinker (I know I do) the converter speeds up the process a little.

    And Trenloe's importer still works great for NPCs too, it just gets a little fussy with the input.
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