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    Item Tables for 4th Edition

    Is there no item tables for 4e? Weapon, Armour, Gear, etc. Or is my 4e bugged again in some way?

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    There is no active development for 4E D&D at this time; because WotC never granted a license to distribute any of the data for the game system. So, there are no plans to add game system specific enhancements to the D&D 4E ruleset at this time.

    If a community developer puts together the code to make it work, I'd be willing to include in the default or let someone take over or help with maintenance.


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    This thread is for my home built module maker for 4e.

    It uses the 4e Portable Compendium as a data source to be converted to FG modules - if you don't have that your best bet is probably the #resources channel on the "D&D 4e" discord.
    Discord: skelekon#6366
    Reddit: skelek0n

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    Well, I'm not necessarily looking for item tables with prexisting items, I'm asking if the table function that 5e has exists in the 4e ruleset. I don't mind adding in the items myself, but I just want to be able to add them to tables, and there does seem to be a table function, I've downloaded modules for 4e that have tables, but I can't seem to replicate the table in anyway.

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    Not sure if this helps but:

    For magic items, when you create the item you pick which type at the bottom of the form. (And it most cases I have seen, the mundane items are listed there as well.)

    But if you want truly mundane items (with the silver header which can then be combined with a magic item to make a new magic item), the only way I can get to those is through the old module interface. Since you said you have a module already with the items, try going this way (per the image, though with your module, the flow might be slightly different, but key is to start from the module activation, not the sidebar):

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    It doesn't exactly, but what I want is the tables you have for armour/weapons/equipment. Not those items specifically but the way it's laid out in neat tables. When I make a module myself it doesn't look like that.
    Mine looks like this.

    But I want it to look like this.

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    That format for mundane items was built into the XML file with the parser I used for that data. If you were to look at the XML of the data file that corresponds to your second picture, the library in the XML points to various lists inside the XML which then point to the individual items. That is what creates that structure. To my knowledge, there is no way to build that from scratch in that format within FG directly itself. (But I could definitely be wrong.) You could add the items inside FG, but then you would have to manually add the lists/tables in the XML (or find some tool that would do that, though I personally do not know of one.)

    Sorry, hopefully someone else can help

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    Well damn, that's annoying, thanks for the answer though.

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