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Thread: Level Bonuses

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    Hi Calibre2112,

    I was looking for these options:
    2024-04-28 23_56_54-Fantasy Grounds.png

    If it is set to None like the option in the red box then it won't do any calculations so won't read anything from the professions for level bonuses. They need to be done manually if that option is set. There are 4 other possible options for that option and they correspond to the sections of the profession level bonuses.

    I did find and fixed the issue if you have the it set to None that it would clear out the level bonuses. That will be fixed when it gets released on Tuesday with the other updates.

    Please let me know if you have any questions.


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    It is set as your screenshot shows. Thanks indeed, Dak


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    UPDATE: all is well! Works perfectly, Dak

    thanks indeed

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