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Thread: Level Bonuses

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    For those who are interested ... hope the attachment works.
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    Hey Dakadin,

    Level bonuses are NOT working for us as you describe. I can choose to change them in profession all day long, then right click to share and the changes I wish to make do not happen. I can only choose 'spell' or 'combat' for Core and those will push to the player. I have been able to get some of this to update on the character sheet after a restart of the game.
    Can you please give me an option to allow players to set their own level bonuses again, please. Or a easier way to set them myself.


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    Hi Calibre2112,

    There is an option to have the players do it themselves. Just set option ChL #23: Level Bonus Grouping to None and it will work the way it did before the level bonuses were added.

    I just did some testing and the only way I saw an issue with changing a level bonus for a profession with the skill tab of a character sheet open. It won't pick up the updates in that situation. You need to set them up and share them before creating a character. Otherwise you will have to restart because the character sheet has a softclose set on it so it doesn't close completely when it is closed. That is to deal with the time it takes to load the skills tab when first opened.

    Can you give me the steps you are doing and what the specific issue is so I can see if there is some other issue?


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    Hey Dakadin,
    I pretty much did as instructed: I changed the level bonuses in Profession then hit share. And, when that didn't work, I proceeded to do it with the skills one by one. Nothing worked.
    Now we have a new issue: after setting the game as you said above players set their level bonuses, but they will not stick. Opening the sheet again, the bonuses vanish. I'm going to see if I, as GM, set them if they will stick.


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    Hi Calibre2112,

    I have a few ideas of things to try to replicate the issue but can you provide me a screenshot of how you have the level bonus options set so I can make sure I am doing the same thing?


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    I was able to replicate the issue. I will work on getting it fixed.

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    Also, Dakadin, I'm having an issue with Story. I've written quite a bit for my game, but players cannot even see the Group I placed those in. They see 'all', uncategorized but that's it. I can see all the groups I've created. Is there another setting to fix that?
    Also, even I set the level bonuses myself this afternoon, when I launched the game a few mins ago, all bonuses from all players are gone again.


    PS: yes, I have all the articles I want, SHARED
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    Players do not see categories of shared records. It's not specific to Rolemaster.


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