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    [Paid][LFP][5e][Thursdays] Rise of the Runelords - Sandpoint Needs You!


    FG License Type: Ultimate
    Game System: D&D 5th Edition
    Day of week and time: Every Thursday at 6:00pm CST
    Term: Paid, $25 per player, per session
    Voice software used: Discord

    The Rise of the Runelords Adventure Path is unfolding! The infamous Hook Mountain ogres, notorious for their brutality, have decimated the soldiers at Fort Rannick. The handful of surviving rangers are in desperate need of heroes to reclaim this crucial stronghold before the ogres can use it as a base for more attacks on the surrounding area.

    Why have the ogres decided to launch this sudden attack now?

    What malevolent power burgeons in the untamed wilds, and what connection to the enigmatic Sihedron Rune do the ogres of Hook Mountain conceal?

    The rumors of an army of giants preparing for war are a fictional narrative from the "Rise of the Runelords" adventure path in the Pathfinder role-playing game.

    Looking for an exciting and engaging VTT experience?

    Roleplay enthusiasts are welcome, but be prepared for a balanced mix of thrilling, challenging dungeon explorations and laid-back, detailed roleplaying with a variety of intriguing and traditional NPCs.

    Embark on an epic journey through the mystical nation of Varisia, a realm filled with magic and enigma. Engage in combat with formidable creatures, delve into concealed mysteries, and confront age-old malevolence as you strive to prevent the world's annihilation by an ancient evil awakening from its prolonged dormancy.

    Throughout the campaign, you will meet a diverse array of characters ranging from valiant heroes to nefarious villains. You will delve into ancient ruins, engage in monumental battles, and unearth the mysteries of the Runelords, the formidable and mysterious rulers who once dominated Varisia in bygone eras.

    Rise of the Runelords, with its complex storyline, captivating characters, and rich setting, offers the ideal adventure for those eager to delve into the excitement of tabletop role-playing games. Register now and embark on an unforgettable journey!

    Played every Thursday evening over Discord on Fantasy Grounds VTT.

    Game Link:

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    Game is full
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    Due to a players work schedule changing we currently have one seat available.

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    Hello! Do you currently have room for one more?

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    Yes, we have one seat left available.

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    Update as of 04/25/2024

    One seat available.

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    Hit me up fam. thevalmeyjarwolf

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    Still got one seat open on this one.

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    Sign me up please

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    Still got one seat open on this one.

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