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    Issues with 8/29/23 Starfinder release.

    Here is a list of the things I posted in Discord

    The refresh XP button on the encounter record is not showing the correct image and the CR total does not update.
    XP on the character sheet notes tab.
    Copy page button in refmanual builder. The icon is not showing the correct image
    The header graphic has a weird line. All headers
    Colors in refmanual Index do not match the theme anymore
    Special Abilities on the NPC sheet. Datatype mismatch on text node. Click the Link to get an error. Module or campaign.
    Text in the asset window - Doug saw this one.
    Collapse buttons are very hard to see. The Actions tab and Spells tab.

    Some might have been addressed already.

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    Thanks for reporting. I'll be releasing theme hot fixes today for several rulesets, including this one.


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