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    Forge Item: Circus Manager

    This extension aims to automate most of the circus management during the Extinction Curse adventure path.

    Screenshot 2023-08-29 094053.png

    The usage is fairly straight forward.

    1. Create a circus
    2. For each show you perform, create a show. The "Circus" and "Previous Show" fields are automatically filled in, but you're free to change them if needed.
    3. Select every upgrade you've purchased in the circus and show windows, these will effect the anticipating, excitement, and payout.
    4. During the show, use the righthand panel to mark down the success and failures of a trick, as well as its level.

    When you're done, click the "Perform" button. This will lock the page, letting you look back on previous performances without changes to the circus effecting the fields.

    Everything should be fully automated including anticipation, prestige, payout, permanent upgrades, advertisement tiers, and temporary upgrades.

    Please let me know if you run into any problems!


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    Works Great! The tabs to open the menu's don't seem to have names though.

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    Thanks for this - it is a welcome addition for those of us running Extinction Curse. I second the need for tooltips on the menu buttons though. I also find that the lock/unlock button on the circus window does not seem to work for me, although I can still edit.
    One suggestion is to add a field per act to track which performer was used. It makes it easier to track from show to show.

    Also - my team has used the expanded rules at https://scribe.pf2.tools/v/QT82vSYx-circus-rules-plus. Would you be interested in collaborating to add support for some of those?
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    I'll take a look at those issues and suggestions, thanks!

    If you could highlight the differences between circus rules plus and the extension, I can whip something up behind a toggle.

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    There are a number of extra ways in which you can modify anticipation/excitement both before and during the show, as well as different models for success and payouts.
    A quick scan shows that they are very different (see summary below). The easiest modification may be to just add miscellaneous modifier boxes for Anticipation and Excitement to let people with house rules make changes as they go. You could even add a check box to disable automatic calculations on the sheet as the formulae for trick successes and payouts are different.

    Difference Summary:
    * Advertising Pricing/Effect tiers are different
    * New Pre-show actions are added - Circus Parade, Practice Trick/Routine, Group Rehearsal.
    * Downtime activities are added for long term Circus Enhancement - Craft Upgrade, Improve Trick, Circus Tour

    During Show
    * Trick success effects on excitement and anticipation are modified
    * Act success (1.5 successes/performer/act) lead to spill on effects on later acts
    * New actions are added for both performers (Take a Risk) and ringmasters (Hype/Highlight Performance)
    * More random events are added
    * New non-performer roles are added: Assistant, Stooge, Stagehand

    Payout and Prestige
    * Formulae for critical success is different
    * Payout formula is different and critical effects are modified
    * Prestige increases are smaller

    * New permanent upgrades: Performer Training, Amusement Rides, Sideshow Sizes
    * Infrastructure upgrades are added: Prop workshops, Med Tent, Acquisition Dept, Arcane Nexus

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    I started taking a look at this, but the site seems to be down. I should be able to get this working, doesn't look too out there.

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    If you need a PDF i made one with all the bookmarks for my table. (for the Plus rules Atleast) Otherwise i second all the timg requests they would be awesome!

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    Any updates on getting Circus+ worked into the Circus Manager extension?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Trennik View Post
    Any updates on getting Circus+ worked into the Circus Manager extension?
    I'm just doing some paid work until mid december, then I'll continue working on it. It's kind of half done.

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