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    Casting a spell at a higher level


    How does work Casting a Spell at a Higher Level in FGU ?

    Should I copy the spell at each level, in the Actions tab of the PC sheet ?

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    You don't need to copy the spell; just create a new damage line. But the best method for damage dealing spells is to click and hold over the damage line in the action tab. This will pop up the dice; you can now right click to add more dice to that before dropping it onto the target either in the combat tracker or onto the token. You can also just drop it into chat.
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    Thanks a lot

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    As Zacchaeus said, I just upcast them using the click and hold the mouse button over the effect line, then you right click once per level you are upcasting to add an additional die then, as long as you have the target(s) targeted, drop it in chat to take effect. Works for damage or healing wonderfully and is just built in. Otherwise, if you have players that have difficulty with that for some reason (and it happens), adding in new effect rows for each level can be done, just starts spreading your Actions tab pretty deep the more and more they have expanded.

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