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    The GM is almost always the one funding the greatest cost for the game system and needed accessories for whatever the game the system the group is Running. I never have any players offer to help differ costs or buy accessories unless it is something they want now!! and I can't budget it yet. And if Pay to Play is mentioned it's as if you referred to the players as some sort of insult, are they each expect that each player's character should be the staring Roll.
    I am planning to buy the core rules for Mongoose Traveler 2 while on SALE and the Material for that is going to go somewhere over $200.00 maybe $300.00 if I get some extras.

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    After 12 years as a host, I can tell you that of those 30 players (from OP), only about 5 are commited and also enjoyable to play with. It takes time to find them, so be prepared for player turn over, and be ready to warn problematic players and finally kick players out. Doing that is emotionally tough but worth it.

    I have had some players with me for over five years now. I have also had many many players show up to only one session, or not even show up the first time. I have had others who made the game unenjoyable for everyone.

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