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    Interest check PFS2 and SFS PaizoCon Europe Online 2023 17th-20th August 2023

    If there is any interest in SFS/PFS2 at PaizoCon Europe Online 2023 (17th-20th August 2023) let me know before the end of this weekend. If possible, please also indicate what system, scenario or timeslot would work best for you. For the specials also indicate the tier.

    PFS2 scenarios appear to be mainly from 4-14 up to 4-17 and 5-01 as well as 5-02.

    SFS scenarios appear to be mainly from 6-01 up to 6-06.

    "For the online event, there will be a €10 badge fee for all players. GMs who run 1-2 games and play some games will pay €5, and GMs who run 3 or more games, or do not want to play at all, will be granted a free badge.

    All profits raised by badge fees will be divided between three charities as chosen by our organizers: Alzheimer’s Research UK, Fonds Mimosa, and Stiftung Deutsche Krebshilfe.

    This convention also features sponsored badges! If you wish to help another player out, you may add an extra €10 badge to your payment, which will be allocated to a community member who requests one. If you wish to request a sponsored badge, email [email protected] with your name and Warhorn email, no other information necessary. Sponsored badges will be awarded by random draw. Sponsoring a badge is a great way to give a little extra to these charities while also helping out a member of the community."


    Thursday 17th

    Slot 1 6pm-11pm CEST (4 to 9 PM UTC)

    Friday 18th

    Slot 4 6pm-11pm CEST (4 to 9 PM UTC) Starfinder Special SFS5-99 plus other games

    Saturday 19th

    Slot 6 11am-4pm CEST (9 AM to 2 PM UTC)

    Slot 7 6pm-11pm CEST (4 to 9 PM UTC) Pathfinder Special PFS 4-99 plus other games

    Sunday 20th

    Slot 9 11am-4pm CEST (9 AM to 2 PM UTC)

    Slot 10 6pm-11pm CEST (4 to 9 PM UTC)

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