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    Version 2.2 2023/12/10

    The latest update to the Fantasy Grounds extension for playing 5e The Lord of the Rings Roleplaying not only corrects some minor bugs and introduces minor quality of life improvements but also replaces D&D languages with the primary languages of Middle-earth. For new campaigns, these changes will be evident from the start. However, for ongoing campaigns, languages won't automatically update. Please follow these steps to update the languages:

    1. Back up your campaign. Simply make a copy of the campaign folder.
    2. With the campaign loaded, go to "Options - Languages" and delete all languages from the list.
    3. Perform a /reload and the list will be correctly recreated from scratch.

    If you believe that additional languages should be added (or removed), or if a language's font needs to be changed, or if you have any other related suggestions, please feel free to share your thoughts. Thank you!
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    Version 2.3 2024/01/15
    Since a recent update of Fantasy Grounds, the new tabs in the Party Sheet were not displaying. Fixed.

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    Version 2.3.1 2024/04/14
    Minor correction that prevents console errors when certain windows were opened or their locks were locked/unlocked.

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