Game System Preferred: D&D 5E or PF2
Availability: UTC-5 EST, Friday and/or Saturday evenings till late nite
Frequency: Weekly or bi-weekly preferred
FGU/FGC License: Ultimate
Voice/Text/Video/Streaming: I'm in, if its profitable i want my cut...
Duration of sessions: 3-4 hours plus is preferred, but i mean i have kids that love my attention.
Game System Experience: Experienced with FG, as a Noob but learning faster then I type.
Mix of RPG/Combat/Strategy Preferred: I like to roll dice and RP, so an even mix is preferred.
Character Role Preferred: i have played and killed rouges, monks and warriors successfully.
Game Length: Long-term or short term games are welcome, but beggar's and chooser's and such.