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    Extension or better way to manage number of uses in power groups?

    Does anyone know of an extension perhaps or some way to better deal with number of uses for things like items?

    Using the 5e ruleset, you can add a "New Power" under the actions tab. which gives you a heading bar that you can set a number of uses for the listings/actions underneath, but you can't define a number uses for each listing, only the top the heading for the entire category.

    So for example I have a player with a Necklace of Prayer Beads, which has 4 beads on it, two of which can be used to cast Bless and two can be used to cast Cure Wounds. He has a "New Power" heading set as Necklace of Prayer Beads and underneath there are two Actions, one for each spell type but since the heading sets the number of uses, it appears that he can cast either spell 4 times.

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    In that case it might be best to make 2 copies of the item. One with (Bless) in the name and other with (Cure Wounds). That way you can set each to 2 uses.

    Having all of the different effects under the item is normally best when it is a set # of charges that can be used for any of the effects until charges are gone.

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    You can give different actions different numbers of uses in the same power group. Just go into Preparation Mode; you can give each a value and if/how it refreshes; Once, Daily, Rest.
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    Edit: you will have to create two items/powers, one for each type of bead, but they can both be in the same group.
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    Create a power group and set it to spells; drag and drop the spells onto the power group header. Then use preparation mode to give each spell two uses once.
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    Preparation mode for the win... Thanks, I had a feeling there was an option somewhere.

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