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Thread: New Products?

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    Curious. Is Conan 2d20 in the FG store? I already have it but assume it’s no longer sold.

    That being said, I’d certainly be interested if there was a revamp of the underlying 2d20 system, and Conan working “over” that. Sorry - non-techie here so not sure if that’s the right word.

    But this is similar to what SW is doing with Werewolf and how that’s going to affect Vampire.

    The 2d20 system is used for several games on FG (like Fallout and STA) and Modiphius is cranking out a new game (Dreams & Machines IIRC).

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    Unfortunately, we are no longer allowed to sell Conan 2d20; and as far as we are aware, there is no longer any way to purchase the book directly. Therefore, there are no plans to do anything but core maintenance on the Conan 2d20 ruleset.

    The other 2d20 rulesets (Dune, Fallout, Star Trek Adventures) are actively being maintained by our team.


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